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The legal stuff...

The "Deco Devotion" stylised logo,       

The "Deco Devotion" text,                    Deco DevotionTM

"All Things Art Deco" strap line,         

And the "Preservez la devotion pour les art decoratifs" strapline

are all trademarks of the proprietors of the Deco Devotion website. All images, banners and web pages are protected by copyright. Reproduction is only permitted with prior written authorisation of the website proprietors. Any unauthorised copying or other reproduction of copyright works, or misuse of our trademarks, may result in legal action to enforce our intellectual property rights.

The Deco Girl ('Deco Diana' in Bubble) is also a stylised logo as well as a key feature in the home page graphic and is also protected under Copyright, whilst also being used for all stationary within the Deco Devotion operation.

The friendly request...

Whilst we want everyone to enjoy this website and to benefit from it entirely as a professional and resourceful Art Deco research facility, the owners of Deco Devotion have put a great deal of effort into establishing a website that will grow with time. Therefore, we only want to protect our investment and would appreciate respect for our work and efforts. All graphical work used for the site is bespoke artistry from a commissioned artist designed specifically for Deco Devotion in order to build and grow the brand and story of 'Deco Diana' (above). Regular checks are carried out using professional image identification methods and trawling of the internet using 'Google images' to identify if graphics or logos have been taken from the Deco Devotion website for use elsewhere.

The team at Deco Devotion will be adding new banners and imagery to the site to build upon the 'Travels and Exploration' of Deco Diana during her 20 year reign of 'All Things Art Deco' between 1919 and 1939.


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