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In this section we have included a number of links to other sellers in the 'DecoNet' Network that we trust implicitly. These sellers, who have also become friends, are highly knowledgeable people (in most cases 'Experts') and we can assure you that they will give you the best service, valuable and friendly advice when looking for the next purchase for your collection.

We have also included links to other resources for All Things Art Deco here.

We would be happy to receive any other links to information that you think might assist others using this site. Just click here to send us your idea(s). Also if you do visit one of these sellers and make contact, we would appreciate it if you mention that you got the referral from Deco Devotion. There is nothing in it for us other than a thank you from our friends and valued colleagues. At least then we know the network is functioning!

Art Deco Express

Here you will find a great source of art deco items from statues, clocks, lamps, posters, furniture and much more. We have bought a lot from Peter at Art Deco Express and can highly recommend his products, services and expertise on the subject. Peter's prices are extremely fair and he only sources quality items. Peter constantly trips backwards and forwards to Austria, France etc where the foundries and best collections have been in abundance so he is close to the market. Peter also has an auction facility at Valentine Auction Rooms.

Sheryl's Art Deco Emporium

This is a link to Sheryl's Art Deco Emporium. This has to be one (if not) the biggest collection of Art Deco items for sale in Europe. Sheryl is an expert on all things Art Deco and Art Nouveau and has appeared on TV and written articles on the subject. We have bought numerous things from Sheryl and she continues to be a very supportive dealer and adviser to us. You will need plenty of time to browse her site but it will inspire you and certainly impress you.

Art Decor Designs

This is a super designer that specialises in high quality Art Deco Soft Furnishings and other items such as Jewelry. Jean is a specialist designer that offers contemporary printed Art Deco fabrics to enhance any interior. Custom designs and specific requirements can also be made to order. All these wonderful items are hand made in the UK from high quality fabrics and are completely unique and only available from the web site above.

AS Antique Galleries

This is a gallery that is fairly local to us and an Alladin's Cave of exciting and highest quality Art Deco & Art Nouveau items. Audrey Sternshine has written for Millers and other sources of information and she is an authority on statues created by the masters such as Preiss, Lorenzl, Chiparus, Gallo, Phillipe etc. Audrey only accepts visits by invitation but it is well worth it we promise you.

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