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1930's Heinrich Hoffman (1875-1939) Art Deco Cut Glass Scent Bottle

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Item of the Week

Art Deco Item of the Week

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This week's item: 1930's Heinrich Hoffman (1875-1939) Art Deco Cut Glass Scent Bottle

This is a very striking and impressive Art Deco cut glass scent bottle, from the mid 1930’s with a flat panel, geometric bevelled edge stopper complete with long dauber, and a nine sided bevel edged body on an angled rectangular base. The cuts are very geometric and deep at the base so typical of the machine / jazz age. The stopper and body are deep relief moulded and cut with stylised baskets of fruit spray decorated in matt green-grey, the surface has then been polished after the acid etching process that pulls out the detail. This is a super quality piece and has been manufactured with stunning detail and craftsmanship. It is quite a rare piece by Hoffmann.

The condition of this piece is exceptional. The dauber does however show signs of historic repair at the point where the dipper meets the top but this has been professionally done and is without doubt stable and very difficult to spot without a loop to view it. It was pointed out to me by the seller that the dipper might be a repair but still I find it difficult to tell if it has been repaired or not. I promise it is not detrimental to the piece at all.

This Art Deco stunner measures 8¼in/21cm high including stopper x 4½in/11.4cm wide.

The price for this exceptional 1930's piece is just £395.00 (+P&P)

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