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Hi, can you tell me if I am worrying too much about a Lorenzl Spelter figure of a dancing girl I bought from a friend of mine? It has a signature that is different from a similar statue I saw on eBay.
Hi Rachel, Lorenzl did actually sign in different ways. Sometimes he signed Lor, sometimes with the 'O' of Lorenzl sat on the bottom of the 'L' and sometimes the Lorenzl signature just flowed. Often (especially on Spelter figures) Lorenzl didn't sign at all and only the intermediate to expert collectors can identify such figures without a signature. As long as you bought from a 'reputable dealer' and obtained a 'certificate of authenticity' I wouldn't worry too much, just love it for what it is. Our only other comments would be always buy from a trusted dealer and try to avoid eBay until you get to the stage where you know instinctively what is fake, what is real and what has not been tampered with! I will send you my personal email address so you can send me a picture. I will see what I can tell you about the signature and indeed the statue itself. A good sign is that if it is signed (and is original) it is probably Bronze and not Spelter, but we will see.
Hi DD, do you ship to Australia?
Hi Martin, yes we can ship to Australia. We have sent items to Oz before so we will prepare a shipping cost for you when you let us know what you are interested in.
Hi how do I know if the prices on your website are good or too high?
Hi Sonja ...mmm, if we're honest we think that is something that you just need to decide for yourself with a bit of research on the web for similar objects (if you can find them). We have tried to set up a site that offers good, simple advice, a pleasant environment for a network to grow for us and for others to share information for beginners, and experts from our supply chain. We believe the prices we have put on the Items for Sale are very fair and given for high quality items that we have collected from good sources. We am not looking for a lot of profit for these items and in many cases the price we are charging is loss making due to the fact that we loved them so much and probably paid more than we should have at the time. AIso it is difficult to put a price on something that you may never find again! You can be sure that any item you buy from our site and from the sites of our trusted dealers is money well spent for a collectable that will increase in value. More importantly, the collectables we are looking at here are from a window of just 20 years (1919 - 1939) so again, the decision on price is how much value you are looking for. Is it to sell on (still a good potential margin in there in my view) or is it to keep, admire and allow the item to grow in value... PRICELESS!
Hi, I like your site it is simple to navigate. I am just starting a collection of Art Deco and want to start with Posters. How do you know what a poster is worth and what to buy?
Hi Jon, now that is a tricky question. There is a good website here that might help you. Also another great resource is Swann Galleries that auction posters and also provide catalogues from past auctions for you to compare prices. Swann Galleries seems to be the place where the best posters are sold as they have a viewing platform from all over the world and only recently did they find the lost poster of George Barbier called 'French Exposition' (1924) that many say should have been the poster for Les Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. You can read about the poster at Swann Galleries on You Tube. The discussion on this poster and others is near the end of the video (7:48). However, the best way to judge a poster is on gut feel. If you like it, research it and show your interest before it goes. You can always email us for my view or we can check with others. One of our suppliers / friends specialises in posters. You can always ask him (Peter) for advice too. We have 3 posters after collecting for 5 years. We are fussy about what we buy now but the wait has been worth it. We also have 2 posters on my wish list!
Hi, can you tell me what book you think would be a good starting point for my collection of Art Deco?
Hi Pete, this answer really depends on what you are looking to collect or research. If it is statues you are looking at collecting, then Bryan Catley's book on Art Deco and other figures is a really great book for reference. However, we have never found a single book that gave us all the answers, (as with most things) and you would need to be more specific about your area of interest. Most Art Deco books provide a general overview of the era, the styles, the collectables and the imagery of the Jazz Age. It might be more prudent for you to start with this type of book then move on to specilist books on specific areas such as statues, lighting, Clarice Cliff Ceramics, Bauhaus, Goldscheider, Tobaccana etc. However, we have created a book list on Amazon for the interested reader to provide a range that covers the subject well. There may be many others but this range of just under 100 books should give you an insight into our dillemma with your question! The Bryan Catley book is first on the list. The first page in fact is the starting point of our book collection. Here is the link to our Amazon Book List. Happy reading Pete.
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