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The amount of effort required to keep a section like this up to date and relevant for the beginner to advanced collector is quite a daunting task. Expertise and common knowledge in this area are scarce.

There are a plethora of artists who operated during the years between the wars, before and after. However, many of them fell foul of the 2 wars (1914-1945) and much of the data on these artists was destroyed or lost to us. Therefore, we would suggest that if you want to find out more about a particular artist, sculptor, designer, or foundry etc, then you are best to visit Sheryl's Art Deco Emporium as this is the most comprehensive reference online and is a collection of data buil up over many years by a very experienced dealer and great lover of Art Deco memorabilia. Without doubt Sheryl has the best knowledge of the Artists and sources of collectables from this era. Others steal her knowledge, we prefer to recognize her authority and respect it.

However, just for the beginner, the most sought after pieces (statues) tend to be from artists such as:

  • Ferdinand Preiss
  • Demetre Chiparus
  • Professor Otto Poertzel
  • Josef Lorenzl
  • Pierre Le Faguays (Fayral)
  • Paul Philippe
  • Stefan Dakon
  • Joseph Descomps
  • Ignacio Gallo
  • Maurice Guiraud Riviere
  • George Lavroff
  • Max Le Verrier (Foundry)

If you like other items such as glass, ceramics, lamps, clocks, plaster work, paintings etc, then other well known greats are:

  • Frederic Goldschieder
  • Keck
  • Daum
  • Keramos Wiener Kunstermik
  • Leonardi (Leonardene Co.)
  • Martin Brothers
  • Rene Lalique
  • Suzy Cooper
  • Clarice Cliff
  • Erte
  • George Barbier
  • Cassandre
  • Tamara de Lempicka

Just one last thing, the figural artists in our first section above also created models for clocks, lamps etc for foundries such as Le Verrier & Etling and also for ceramic factories such as Goldschieder.

If you need any help with an artist or are trying to find the source of an item, rather than us listing everything here, we would be pleased to try and give you some guidance and if we can't help, we probably know someone who can!

Just drop us a short message with a description of what you are looking for here.

We will be updating this area to improve the knowledge but this will take some time.

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